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no way out but through

Steve never sees it coming. Steve/Bucky, teen, at A03.

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Fanfic: I’d Follow You Until the End of Time

Characters/Pairings: Clint Barton/Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanov, Nick Fury, Ensemble mentioned briefly

Summary:Clint will always find Bruce. He’ll travel the world. Bruce can run, but he can’t hide, and Clint will always find him.

Word Count: 4,400

Complete: Yes

Link to Ao3

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Clark (Agent Coulson) Gregg’s Top 5 Favorite Marvel Movie Scenes

I’m hugging my laptop because I can’t hug Clark Gregg u_u

I… seriously I cannot breathe.

I legitimately choked at the end.

The subtext, Clark?  If only you had any idea.

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Moar Fanfic?


Okay so it’s possible that little snippet was a warmup for this one which was inspired by Croik’s awesome mad headcanon.

Title: Heroism and Stealth
Rating: PG-13 (mostly for language) (but also for Phil/Steve)
Summary: Phil Coulson wanted Captain America stories every night as a child. Now he’s grown up, and Captain America calls him ‘sir’. And that’s just the start…

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SevenCorvus: Complications


Title: Complications
Author: SevenCorvus
Fandom: Avengers (movie verse)
Pairing/Character: Clint/Coulson
Rating: pg (this part)
Warnings: no spoilers
Disclaimer: I own nothing, except in my dreams.
Word Count: 300 (this part)
Beta: ldf, thank you so much.
Summary: Working with a broken arm could…